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The HIMSS E-Prescribing Wiki is not active at this time.

For more information, please visit the HIMSS E-Prescribing home page.


HIMSS E-Prescribing Wiki "How To" 


This Wiki will help promote the implementation of and collaboration among organizations that are implementing or considering implementation of e-prescribing.   We encourage you to share your experiences and collaborate with your colleagues.  How to be an active participant in the E-Prescribing Wiki.   


Table of Contents


Breaking News


  • New Guides Posted on ePA and EPCS (6/20/2011)

Electronic Prior Authorization and the electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances are soon. Standards have already been developed and are currently being revised in anticipation of widespread adoption. These documents will help identify current best practices and how those practices may change when this new technology becomes available.


  • HIMSS ePA and EPCS Survey Results Posted (6/10/2011)
In Spring 2011, the HIMSS E-Prescribing Task Force sought input from physicians, clinicians, pharmacists and office staff through two surveys in an effort to understand the current state and use of information technology for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)  and Electronic Prior Authorizations (ePAs) (covered separately). The intent of each survey was that the results would be used to identify how technology can be best used in a meaningful way for prescribers, pharmacists and the healthcare industry.  



An AHRQ study of 24 physician practices reports electronic tools were too cumbersome and data not always useful in e-prescribing systems.  


Regulatory Updates 


Industry Resources



  • E-Prescribing Podcasts   

    • Electronic Prescribing - Ready, Set, Help! by Patricia L Hale, MD, PhD, FACP
    • Complexities of e-Prescribing: Physician and Pharmacist Viewpoints
      by Patricia L. Hale, MD, PhD, FACP and Kevin Marvin, RP



Post Links to E-Prescribing Resources



Share your e-prescribing experiences, ask questions, get answers and share solutions to e-prescribing challenge.

        Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read the "Terms and Conditions of Use" before participating in this wiki. 

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